What is DeskControl?
DeskControl® is a ready to use company intranet. An intranet is a web site designed to deliver information and services internally to your staff, rather than externally to your customers.

Under the surface, an intranet uses more advanced technology than an average web site. Complex databases are required to keep track of changes to your information, while security systems are needed to ensure employees can only access what they are authorised to view. DeskControl is designed to help you quickly deploy a sophisticated intranet that contains both these elements, but without the hassles and usually high costs associated with developing one yourself.

DeskControl is an extension of the standard mailbox functionality offered by certain web hosting providers, and is available at no extra charge. To find out whether your web hosting provider can offer you access to DeskControl, please contact our Sales & Service Team on 1800 55 85 88 (ext. '2' for Sales).

Employee Self Service
DeskControl is based on the concept of Employee Self Service (ESS), which focuses on empowering employees to take control over many job-related tasks that do not necessarily require supervision and would otherwise fall under the responsibility of administrative staff or management.

Anywhere, Anytime Access
For ESS to work effectively, employees need to be able to access the information stored on their company intranet from anywhere and at anytime. As DeskControl resides in an online environment, it is readily accessible from any normal web browser, giving your staff the ability to access their business critical information from a variety of locations, including their work PC, an internet kiosk in an airport, or from a home PC.

Reach your destination faster: work as a team with DeskControl

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