DeskControl Features
Standard Features
The standard features of DeskControl include:

Web-based Email (WebMail)
Using DeskControl WebMail, staff are able to access, read and send emails from any web browser. This makes WebMail ideal for businesses with employees who travel or who are regularly out of the office because they can access their email immediately by simply logging in to DeskControl via any internet-enabled PC or laptop. Using WebMail also means there is no need for the worry or the expense of configuring email clients on your staff's individual desktop machines.

My Calendar
With DeskControl's calendar functionality, staff can maintain a calendar of all their appointment dates and times from any web browser. By enabling your staff to set the start and finish times of their meetings and appointments, and view their calendar on either a daily or weekly basis, DeskControl can help them to take control of their day and organise their time more effectively.

My Office
My Office can provide your staff with a directory of important shared company resources, such as fax machines, printers, file servers and terminal servers. Each of these devices can also have a status assigned to them (e.g. away being repaired), to provide staff with a single point of contact to quickly and easily find out information about these critical company resources.

Employee Profiles
The first time an employee logs into DeskControl, they are prompted to enter their details, such as name, mobile phone number and address. Your company's office manager can specify what information should be collected from each employee and can also include such information as tax file number, date of birth, first aid qualifications, and next of kin etc. This profile is only visible to that employee and any authorised managers, such as the human resources department. Staff can easily change their details at any time in the future to help to ensure that they are always up-to-date.

Staff Phone Directories
One problem that staff in many businesses face is being unable to find an accurate list of telephone extensions, mobile phone numbers and other staff contact details when they urgently need it. Through the Staff Phone Directories feature, DeskControl helps to alleviate this problem by maintaining a central list of employee contact details that can also be easily searched and sorted. As each employee is responsible for keeping their own details up-to-date, the lists are always current, correct and at your fingertips.

Knowledge Trees
Knowledge Trees give you the ability to manage and control important company documents, such as procedure manuals, human resource documents and company policies, all from the one central location. This information is organised into a series of trees and different permissions can be set for each tree to restrict which employees are authorised to access it. For example, company-wide trees display information that all staff are allowed to see, whereas private group trees can be used to restrict access and editing capabilities to a particular group of employees only.

Hard Drive Document Storage
With the DeskControl Hard Drive, you can store files that need to be frequently accessed by various people in your office in one secure, central and easy to access online location.

Easy Login
Logging in to DeskControl is easy because there's no need for your staff to remember a separate username and password - they simply use their email address and password to access the DeskControl interface.

Take Control
By allowing you to set specific permissions for particular staff members, DeskControl affords you greater control and accountability over the use of your company intranet. There are two roles that can be assigned to your staff, both of which can be easily and quickly enabled through Mission Control. They are:

1. Systems Administrator
The Systems Administrator receives all help requests from staff
Ideal for internal helpdesk staff and knowledge officers.
2. HR Manager
The HR Manager receives access to all employees' contact and personal details
Also manages user permissions, such as setting staff access to specific add-on products.

Additional Features
Additional fees apply for using the following add-on products and services:

Upgrade your WebMail to a Managed Exchange mailbox
Managed Exchange is a hosted offering of Microsoft Exchange 2003™ by a third party, which can be linked to your DeskControl interface to replace your WebMail. Managed Exchange provides your business with all of the advanced messaging and staff collaboration functionality of Exchange, but at a fraction of the cost of implementing this sophisticated messaging solution in-house. All you need to do to be able to utilise Managed Exchange is to have a hosted mailbox with DeskControl.

Managed Exchange provides anywhere, anytime access your to email, calendar, contacts and tasks. The benefits of having a Managed Exchange mailbox over a standard WebMail mailbox include:

Outlook Web Access (OWA) - More than just WebMail, OWA is a true web application with a rich and easy to use interface which can be accessed via a web browser from anywhere.
Work as a team - Managed Exchange helps staff work together more effectively through the sharing of calendars, contact lists, meeting planners and email.
Anti-virus protection - Every email sent to, from or stored in a Managed Exchange mailbox is checked four times using best-of-breed anti-virus software, helping to protect your business against viruses.
Mobile access - All Managed Exchange mailboxes support mobile access. With a GPRS-enabled PDA or SmartPhone, you can access and update your contacts, calendar and email from anywhere at anytime.
Email back-up - All your valuable information held in emails, calendars and contacts is stored and regularly backed up, minimising the risk of lost email records and the impact of incidents such as PC or laptop corruption.

Charged on a per seat basis, Managed Exchange is a robust, highly-scalable platform that can revolutionise the way your business manages electronic messaging and collaboration. It is available in three product levels, each of which have been designed to suit the differing needs of business:

Managed Exchange Solo Access - Provides access to your Outlook via a web browser from any PC with internet access, but includes no sharing capabilities. Ideal for sole traders.
Managed Exchange Web Access - Provides access to your Outlook via a web browser from any PC with internet access.
Managed Exchange Web and PC Access - Run the Microsoft Outlook 2003™ client on your PC and have anywhere, anytime access to your mailbox via any internet browser when not in your office. Also includes access to the web-based Managed Exchange Web Access product.

Need more information?
Click here for more information on Managed Exchange. You can upgrade your DeskControl WebMail to a Managed Exchange mailbox through Mission Control.

Promotions Manager
Promotions Manager is a database-driven email marketing and address list management tool that is built into DeskControl. It allows you to quickly and easily compose professional looking 'HTML' emails and send them to specific and targeted audiences.

The benefits of using Promotions Manager include:
Database flexibility - Allows you to personalise your HTML emails by 'merging' in fields such as first name, last name, customer account number etc.
Step by step wizard tool and email templates - Walks you through the process to help you create HTML emails with ease.
Send options - Gives you the option to send an email to the entire database or just a selected few.
Duplicates filter - You can automatically 'filter' your uploaded email database so that no 'duplicates' are sent.
Email statistics - Displays in an easy to read format when messages have been read, forwarded or bounced etc., allowing you to track the success of your email campaign.

Free Offer
As a special introductory offer, DeskControl will credit up to 200 'per email' charges off your business' first monthly Promotions Manager invoice. You do not need to register for this promotion - it will automatically be subtracted from your first Promotions Manager invoice.

N.B. These 200 credits are only redeemable on your first Promotions Manager invoice. They cannot be carried into subsequent months of service.

Need More Information?
Click here to view a short video that demonstrates the key features and benefits of Promotions Manager.

N.B. This file is 600KB in size and may take a few minutes to load. You will require Windows Media Player to view this demonstration. If you do not already have this program installed, click here to obtain a free copy from the Microsoft web site.

For further information on Promotions Manager, please contact the Sales & Service Team on 1800 55 85 88 (ext. '2' for Sales). If you would like to activate Promotions Manager now, simply follow these steps:

1. Login to Mission Control
2. Select 'Add Component' from the menu
3. Select 'Add and Configure Email Promotions Manager'
4. Hit the 'Configure Email Promotions Manager Settings' button at the bottom of the page
5. Select which email accounts you want to give access to Promotions Manager.

DeskControl SMS
SMS (or text messaging) is pervasive. The majority of mobile phones on the market today have SMS capabilities and person-to-person messaging has become extremely popular. It is expected that automated SMS messages will exceed the current rate of person-to-person usage over the next few years.

With DeskControl SMS, you can use text messages to contact people fast, while at the same time, slashing your communications costs. DeskControl SMS gives you the ability to:
SMS Sender - Send a text message to a mobile phone or a group of mobile phones all at once directly from DeskControl.
Register Your Mobile - By registering your mobile phone number in DeskControl, you can make any messages sent using SMS Sender appear as if they have been sent directly from your mobile phone. Any reply message will then be sent back to your mobile phone. You can also allow email to be auto forwarded to your mobile phone number as an SMS message.
SMS Log - Similar to an email delivery receipt, you can log your SMS messages sent from DeskControl to give you the ability to easily track their status through to the recipient's handset.
SMS 24 Hour Assistant - Enables you to locate staff contact details stored in DeskControl via your mobile phone 24 hours a day.

In order to use these SMS services, you simply need to purchase credits by logging into DeskControl, selecting the desired quantity, and entering your credit card details.

Alternatively, if you have your own SMS application and wish to use our SMS platform, please call 1800 55 85 88 (ext. '2' for Sales).

Australia and New Zealand Support
You can send and receive SMS messages to any GSM mobile phone within Australia and New Zealand. The SMS capability has been tested on the following GSM networks:

Vodafone AU
Vodafone NZ
Optus AU
Telstra AU
Telecom NZ

International Support
Although it is possible at present to send SMS messages to most other counties that have deployed a GSM network, the carriers are still in the process of finalising the cost of text messages interchange (exchanging messages from carrier to carrier). It is a possibility that, in the future, additional fees may apply for text messages that are sent to and/or received from international destinations, or the ability to send and/or receive text messages from a particular country may be withdrawn.

Global Dial-Up Internet Access
Rather than your staff having to remember a separate username and password for their dial-up internet access accounts, your staff can access the internet using their DeskControl login details. This makes global dial-up internet access ideal if you have employees who travel overseas and require internet access for the duration of their trip. As your office manager receives detailed usage reports, you can easily keep track of how much internet access time each employee has used.

Global Dial-Up Internet Access features global reach with 300 plus Point of Presence (POP) in 39 countries around the world, and can be enabled through Mission Control on a per mailbox user basis at a cost of $1.80 per hour flat rate (or part thereof).

If you would like to know more about DeskControl global roaming dial-up internet access, please call 1800 55 85 88 (ext. '2' for Sales).

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